I Got the Keys!

By Jacquelyn L. McDaniel, The Urban Educator (April 2017)

the key to successgiphyIn the words of DJ Khaled, “I got the KEYS, well at the least the most important one – the
Knowledge that Empowers You.

Why be house wine when you can be champagne? 

That is the difference between being an educator and an Urban Educator – an engaging, empowering and emancipating educator utilizing Culturally Relevant & Responsive Instructional Resources to enfranchise students, parents, teachers, schools, and organizations in urban communities.

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  • When you like and promote this blog you are helping urban communities SOAR by sharing Strategic and Successful Academic Resources that aid the defense against General SBAC (a Strategic Barricader of Academic Creativity), General PARRC, General SAT, General ACT and other high ranking oppressors educators are battling in the costly war on HST (High Stakes Testing).
  • When you like and share posts from this blog you are helping cultivate the mind, body, and soul of educators and communities in urban areas across the globe.
  • When you like, share, dialogue and apply the KEYs gained from your experience with this blog, you will contribute to the development of a concrete rosesuch as these:

If General SAT and his fellow comrades were successful with their Strategic plan to Barricade their Artistic Creativity, the these roses would have never cracked the surface of the concrete, let alone bloomed. 


If you are….
– a parent, aunt, uncle, grandmother, cousin or friend
– an educator
– a school
– an organization
– a politician
– an informal education program
– media
– human

in this millennium, you cannot negate the piercing, prominent, and prevailing influence urban culture has in America, especially the youth.

                            cropped-mind-gears-heart.jpgHence, every educator is… an Urban Educator. 


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For more information about why this site was developed and about the Concrete Rose Movement, feel free to follow me…concrete rose



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Together we can build railroads that lead urban students toward a different pipeline.

Like, Share, Dialogue, and Apply…

so that you may…

Engage, Empower, and Emancipate!

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