A Soul Loved by Prince! – Eryn Allen Kane

 By Jacquelyn McDaniel, The Urban Educator (April 30, 2017)

Related imageIt started with “Sunday”, on a Sunday while listening to my Google alternative R & B playlist and working on my blog in between grading papers.  A melodic tone with grit, then soprano, and back to a jazzy run, wormed through my ears and encapsulated my brain.  This voice was fire! Who belonged to this voice that had already received one of my thumbs up?  Her name is Eryn Allen Kane.  

Image result for being mary jane imagesYes, I remembered her voice from a song that played on (Being Mary Jane Season 3, Episode 5).  It was playing during the scene at the end of the show when MJ was by the pool with her cigar after telling her boyfriend about sleeping with a guy she met at a club the previous night.

{I digress, that show deserves its own post. {Warning, If you have yet to add this show as one of your guilty pleasures, caution…Adult Content…}

From Billie Holliday to Beyonce, to Adele,  to Corrine Bailey Rae, to Amy Winehouse, to Jill Scott to Elle Varner to Aretha to Fantasia to Michael Jackson to Kimber

I heard so many influences in her voice. I had to hear more. On all the playlists she must go (Mellow, Alternative R&B, Work Flow, Love, etc.) was my thinking as I went on an emotional ride with Ms. Kane.

I totally get why Prince fell in love with her voice!

And so did I!


I started with…


Upon a Google searched article from Essence.com and Fader.com, I read that in November 2013,  “Hollow” was the 1st song in which the legendary Prince heard her voice in Acapella, thereby igniting a request to meet her.

Image result for prince image and eryn allen kane together

So, of course, I had to experience Prince’s process. Being the musical genius he is, and the A & R Representative I believe I was meant to be, I couldn’t resist.

Next, I heard


As I continued reading the article, I discovered that the two never met until two years later when he listened to her latest release at that time, “Have Mercy”.

so of course, up Next…

“Have Mercy”

I needed to hear more, which led to…


which led to…

How Many Times…(Recording)

which also led to…

“How Many Times” (Live Version.. begins 1:06 in)

The live version of “How Many Times” increased my solid belief in her talent.  I had been blown away after hearing her on the Being Mary Jane Episode, but after going on an artistic journey with her unique, varied, and powerful voice, I knew I had to salute this Detroit Concrete Rose!

ERYN ALLEN KANEeryn-allen-kane-777x437

A “Rose that Grew From Concrete” in Detroit, by way of Chicago.

who took Prince’s Advice…


Trust Your Gut and Be Authentic...

What kind of advice has Prince given you?
He really wants to see young talented artists thrive. He wants to see real musicians get shine. He tells me to stay true to myself even though my music isn’t the type of music that’s being played on the radio all the time it’s important for people to hear it. He’s like, it’s up to you to be authentic and stay true to who you are at all costs because that is going to give you a long career. (Essence.com)

that advice led to…

Image result for eryn allen kane - aviary: Act II album cover

Aviary Act I and Aviary: Act II

eryn allen kane aviary

“The name of the project is called Aviary, and it is essentially about me and my life, the things I’ve been dealing with and the need to be free. A lot of the songs are about trying and giving it your all, and breaking out of a confined “aviary” space. I hope 50 years from now people still enjoy it.” (Genius.com)

I will be one of those people!

concrete rose

In honor of the author of “A Rose that Grew from Concrete”, Tupac Shakur…

Let’s continue to…

Nourish the Concrete Roses in urban communities so that they may grow into their authentic, captivating, vibrant, and unforgettable selves!





Do you know a Concrete Rose that needs illumination!

Like, Share, Dialogue, and Apply...

so that you may…

Engage, Empower, and Emancipate!































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