Urban Educator…Whats That?

By Jacquelyn L. McDaniel, The Urban Educator (April 2017)
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Dear Urban Educator,

The mission of this blog is to elucidate Culturally Relevant & Responsive Education and provide Instructional Resources that will help develop you into a socially just educator that:


FSCS-School-and-District-s.png1) Engages: Builds trust, respect, and buy-in with students, families, and communities.


2) Experiences: Uses students “cultural & community capital” to connect to content and other forms of cultural capital.


culturally-responsive-teaching-34-7283) Educates (Enables): Develops academic, critical, & technological competencies.



images (2)4) Empowers Self: Discover hope, worthiness, and potentiality.



Image result for empower image
In the words of DJ Khaled, “I got the keys, keys, keys”… to Empower you

5) Enacts: Prepares students to participate in endeavors that provide opportunities to realize that through action, their efforts can possibly change the circumstances in the world in which they live.






AEMP up your lesson with STEAM!







6) Eases: Helps urban educators maneuver through the madness of a mandated scripted curriculum. 






7) Eradicates: Attempts to close the “achievement gap” between students of color and giphystudents of the dominant culture of power in America.


It is our responsibility to “level the playing field”.  

by using Culturally Relevant & Responsive Instructional Strategies and Resources such as…

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Are you able to identify the native SEL Linguistic Features Characteristic in which this concrete rose is speaking? Which CRRE Instructional Accommodations and diagnostic tools can you utilize to identify his learning intelligences/styles and translate his sentence into SAE?









 No worries…  

 If you were unable to answer one or both questions, have no fear, The Urban Educator is here…images


to introduce you to one of my superpowers






The Academic English Mastery Program’s  SEL Linguistic Screener, MELD Intervention Roster, and MELD Instructional Guide are just three of the numerous CRRE instructional resources I will illuminate.

Engaging, empowering, and emancipating myself and urban school communities from the American High Stakes Penitentiary is one of my impenetrable passions.  It is the electromotive force behind the creation and continued development of this website, http://www.urbaneducators.worpress.com, and the SBAC CHRONICLES (1)-PDF, a series devoted to the Supernova of High-Stakes Testing.

It would thereby be an honor to help educators, families, organizations, colleges, universities, and political leaders nourish assorted bouquets of concrete roses deeply rooted in urban communities around the World.

Like, Share, Dialogue, and Apply…

so that you may…

Engage, Empower, and Emancipate!

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In Solidarity,

Jacquelyn McDaniel, The Urban Educator

Oh yeah,  Let’s Engage!


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